Below are solutions to common problems.


Error encountered
If you see the below error, check your contact information for any typos. Also, this message may show when the City of Chicago's aircraft noise complaint site is overloaded. Try again in a few seconds.


Service Request Entry Error

An error was encountered while processing your service request submittal. If the problem persists, please contact the system administrator.

Reference Number: 53888923


Session timeout
If you encounter the below error while submitting reports it may be due to your web browser's cookie settings. This site automatically fills in nearly 20 required and optional fields when we submit an aircraft noise complaint to the Chicago of Chicago's 311 website. This process requires cookies be allowed on this and the city's 311 website; in this case the 311 site is a "third-party" website which some web browsers treat differently.


Service Request Entry Error

Your session has timed out or the request you are working with has already been submitted. Please Start Over.

Reference Number: 53888923


You can easily adjust your browser settings to allow third-party cookies with the steps below. Some browser versions may have slightly different steps. After you have updated your settings, review your contact information as it may need to be reentered.

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Blank information / no email confirmation
Review your contact information as it may need to be reentered.

Email confirmations stopped on February 21, 2015. I strongly suspect the city has turned off email confirmations - a computationally expensive piece of code - to mitigate our additional load. They did not change the confirmation page though that says you will receive an email confirmation.

As long as you see the confirmation page that says your complaint has been submitted you can take comfort that it was received by the city. That confirmation page comes directly from the city, I simply repeat it.